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Mansion in the English County of Surrey, where once rested the former Prime Minister of great Britain Winston Churchill, exhibited in the rental housing market, according to Global Mansion.

The owner, whose name was not disclosed, wants monthly earning on the historic estate of 9.5 thousand pounds, or about 750 thousand rubles. Delivery of object in rent do brokers firm Hamptons International Lettings.

The house, located in the borders town of Godalming, eight bedrooms, several bathrooms, a kitchen, four rooms for entertaining, wine cellar. The cottage was built in the XVI century and was reconstructed in 1890 on the project of Edwin Landseer Lutyens — one of the most famous British architects. The object has the status of a monument of the second category. In the recent past the house was made cosmetic repairs.

Uniston Churchill and his wife Clementine had been at the mansion the summer of 1915, notes Mansion Global. It was during a stay in Surrey politician became interested in drawing. In the collection of his works is, at least, four images Godalming home.

Churchill was Prime Minister of great Britain in 1940-1945 and in 1951-1955. According to the results of a survey conducted in 2002, the broadcasting company “bi-Bi-si”, he was voted the greatest Briton in history, beating Princess Diana, Darwin, Shakespeare, Newton, and other eminent persons of the country. “The most violent enemy of Soviet Russia,” Churchill called Lenin.

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