Kindergartners decided to leave without smartphones and jewelry in the Russian city


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Safron Golikov / “Kommersant”

Teachers of Krasnoyarsk were asked not to give their children to kindergartens mobile phones, expensive toys and jewelry, and jewelry. This was reported on the official website of the city administration.

As noted by teachers, many pupils bring from home personal items. However, they used to bring inexpensive toys, dolls or cars, but now it’s phones and expensive toys cost more than 10 thousand rubles. Teachers added that parents sometimes tried to hold them responsible for broken or lost items, although they do not carry.

Speaking of jewelry and ornaments, the teachers explained that their loss or breakage is not the main problem. “In kindergartens, there were cases when children inadvertently swallow pendants, chains and earrings,” — said in the message.

The strict ban on phones and jewelry there, but parents are asked to listen. Caregivers were also asked not to give the sad things, the loss of which could severely upset children, regardless of their value.

Earlier in the Russian schools proposed to replace the ordinary phones at a special “sculpey” to avoid a complete ban of mobile in educational institutions. It is assumed that the memory device will make contacts parents, teachers and classmates, a training guide for General questions and a calculator, and applications “, Moscow e-school” and “Russian school”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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