Moscow authorities denied the construction on the “nuclear cemetery”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: official website of the mayor and government of Moscow

The construction site of a bridge across the Moscow river in the South-East Expressway shall pass through the territories with difficult environmental conditions. About it it is spoken in arrived in edition “” the press release state public institution of the city of Moscow (CCU) “Management of road and bridge construction”.

Distance from site the nearest area with elevated background radiation will be at least 200 meters, and at the site of construction background is within the normal range, according to the materials management.

“The presence of environmentally sensitive areas in the area of the passage South-East of the chord taken into account in the design of the highway. The construction site is located at the greatest possible distance from these foci. The radiation background in the area of the future building was measured three times. At first (…) the emphasis was placed on the surface of the sample, and then to the deep. The analysis showed that with the permissible limits of 0.2 microsievert here 0,1-0,14”, — are reported words of the Director gku “Management of road and bridge construction” Basil Desyatkova.

Dozen added that construction of the chord will not be in the area of actions of the Moscow factory of polymetals, as it will be held in the already existing section of the railway. Work near areas of high radiation mean only the construction of two bridge abutments.

According to the head of “Management of road and bridge construction”, before the construction of the project in the South-East Expressway will pass a compulsory procedure of state examination and, if necessary, will be adjusted.

The construction of the Southeast Expressway became the subject of intense public debate for information on the high risks of radioactive contamination. The statements of the media joined representatives of the Moscow office of Greenpeace, which demanded to stop construction.

Employees of the FSUE “radon”, which is responsible for the site and deals with the disposal and export of waste, confirm the presence of contaminated sites at the plant of polymetals. The construction of the Expressway, according to the company, does not affect these areas and is safe. As previously noted, the chief architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov, the length being constructed as part of the chord of the bridge will be 270 metres, to finish it needs by the end of 2022.

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