New Boeing encountered problems


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American aircraft company Boeing has postponed the first flight of the new Boeing 777X at the beginning of 2020 due to problems with the development of the engine. A message appeared on the website of the Corporation on Wednesday, July 24.

That engine in the new model when testing found problems, became known in June.

Newest wide-body Boeing 777X presented in March. It was originally planned that the first flight of the liner will make the fall of 2019, and the first deliveries to customers would begin in 2020. It needs to become the world’s largest passenger plane with two engines.

In July, the logistics airport, southern California in Victorville discovered a graveyard of Boeing 737 MAX, the flights were banned. The airport Parking lot, parked more than 35 aircraft airline Southwest Airline. The aircraft are laid up at least until November 2019, when the ban on flying this type of aircraft may be cleared. In case of unfavorable development of events 737 MAX will not rise in the sky until the beginning of 2020.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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