Onishchenko told about the beer mafia and the age counter alcohol


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Former chief sanitary doctor of Russia, the Deputy of the state Duma Gennady Onishchenko said that only 21 people can resist alcohol dependence, and speculate about “the anxiety of the beer mafia” in connection with raising the age for sale of alcohol. His words are quoted by the radio station “Moscow Says”.

“We only win when we restrict our young people from the right to lose health and become anti — social people,” – said Onishchenko.

He noted that psychological maturity comes early physiological, so the law sets the age of majority at 18 years. So, 18 year old Russians unable to bear criminal and administrative responsibility, to participate in elections and to serve in the army. However, only a 21-year man “biologically Matures in order to maximally resist the development of alcohol dependence, is physiology of man.”

“If we achieve [the raising the age for sale of alcohol], this will be one of the most prominent achievements of the Duma of the seventh convocation, to the benefit of our future generations,” concluded the former chief sanitary doctor.

Earlier, Onishchenko called the scum of the authors of the idea to soften restrictions on the sale of beer and expressed the desire to sue them in court for “hate” towards the General population. On the proposal of the Ministry of industry and trade to stop and consider beer alcoholic beverages has become known on July 20. It allegedly contained in the draft development strategy for trade for the years 2019-2025.

On July 23, the state Duma introduced a bill on the right of regions to raise to 21 years of age sale of alcohol. The document is available in the Duma electronic database. In September 2015, Senator Anton Belyakov has already made a proposal to increase the age at which permitted the sale of alcohol, but in July 2018, the lower house of Parliament rejected the bill in the first reading.

Currently in Russia, the minimum age for purchasing alcohol is 18 years.

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