Playboy model became addicted to vodka and suffered


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A native American Rancho Cucamonga, California, spoke about the devastating effects of alcoholism. Her story was published by the tabloid The Mirror.

36-year-old Jessica Landon (Jessica Landon) moved to Los Angeles at age 19 to pursue his dream. There she became a model and worked with major companies such as Playboy, Perfect 10, Nickelodeon and NBC. She was addicted to alcohol when she was about 20 years.

“I liked drinking and noisy companies and parties, admitted Landon. — Alcohol was my magic pill that eliminates anxiety, panic and feelings of shame.”

Woman recalls 26 years was regularly drinking vodka. “I saw her round the clock. Because of this I was often vomiting blood. It was a living hell, she explained. — I can remember laying on the floor and drinking himself to death. I was not able to rise.”

At some point, Landon decided that she needed help, and called your ex. The next morning he arrived with a paramedic.

American put on treatment. Landon, which in 2014 lead a sober way of life, he decided to share his story to warn others about the terrible effects of alcoholism. A woman created a website to help people overcome addiction.

In February it was reported that the Australian journalist has decided to abandon alcohol for a long time. The first month of abstinence she described in the article “to Give up alcohol is not easy, but after 30 days I’m already reaping the benefits”. The girl admitted that such a limitation is demanded from her “the undivided attention and great work.”

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