Raimonds Pauls explained the negative attitude of Western countries to Russia


www.vsyako.netThe German Paulphoto: Evija Trifanova / “Kommersant”

Composer and former culture Minister of Latvia Raimonds Pauls during the interview told why the Western media portraying Russia in a negative light. Video of the interview published in the Facebook account of a journalist Svetlana Zimina-Ginter.

“Obviously fear that Russia has become too strong. It’s all the way it is. It’s a great policy, someone should be watered,” said the musician. He said that moved away from political themes.

The journalist also asked how Paul himself refers to the citizens of Russia. “My wife is Russian, so clearly, how I feel,” replied the composer. He added that he had respect for the Russian.

In August 2017 at the Pauls filed a complaint because of the performances in the Russian language in Latvia. On the anniversary of Ludza town festival he delivered the welcome speech in Russian. It was noted that a large part of the speech Paul spoke Latvian. He later commented on the situation, calling the complaining person sick fool, and urged not to pay these people attention.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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