“Rocket kids” Russia will be killers of aircraft carriers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: US military / Wikimedia

Small missile ships (MRC) project 1234 Ovod called in the Navy “rocket babies”, after replacing the old complex electronic intelligence “Titan” on the modern passive station will be able to find the enemy ships, particularly aircraft carriers, in electronic traces, according to “Izvestia”.

The newspaper writes that the first update is received MRK “Smerch”. “Stealth is one of the most important characteristics of the modern warship. During naval combat the opponents are looking for goal with the help of special devices. They catch various gemarkeerde signs, the most obvious of which is the radar radiation. Those who have the radar signature below will receive great opportunities for a concealed approach to within striking distance,” explained the former chief of the General staff of the Navy (Navy) Admiral Valentin Selivanov.

In June it became known that MRK will receive an automatic artillery installation AK-176МА.

In may, the sources of “News” in the Ministry of defense reported that hypersonic missiles “Zircon” will be induced with the help of data received from the IRS.

In April, the newspaper wrote that the ships of the project 1234 Ovod after modernization will be back.

The Navy has 12 ships “gadfly,” originally commissioned in the years 1979-1992. When launching the first such vehicle, the chief of the Navy Admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union Sergei Gorshkov called the IRS a “gun to his temple imperialism.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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