Russian paramedic complained about meager wages and was told off


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Sukhorukov / RIA Novosti

Employee medical and obstetric point (FAP) of the village of Polyana in Kurgan region at a meeting with Deputy Governor of the region on social policy Tatiana Menshikova complained of inhumane working conditions and was told off for it. Dialogue paramedic and official results URA.RU.

Nurse said that a month gets nine thousand rubles — less than the cleaners at the school. The woman said that works without weekends and at any time of the day. In turn Menshchikova noted that the FAP in such a small village can not be.

Further talking about the heating of the building. The paramedic complained that their oven is stoked all day, but the hospital still cold. “Pisses newspaper, and his” — told the Deputy Governor and asked to seek the assistance of the head of the village Council. — You know, we’re all in the same region, we all eat from the same pot, you work for people, I work for the people”, — concluded Menshchikova.

When and where arose, not specified.

Earlier in July, the doctors of the Oryol ambulance announced “Italian strike” for violations of their rights. Doctors said that after the reorganization of the ambulance service they have to work not only in the city but also in rural areas. Despite the increase in workload, wages remained at the same level. In the regional government the actions of the doctors called the attempt on the eve of elections to the state Duma to destabilize the political situation.

In late June, the Deputy Director of Department of health Vladimir region Julia Arsenin advised the Russians not to choose education to the detriment of motherhood. According to the official, the earlier a woman gives birth, the better for her.

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