The body of missing 10 years ago seller found behind the fridge


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Council Bluffs Police Department

Shop in Council bluffs, Iowa, USA, discovered the body of a salesman who went missing 10 years ago. About it writes BBC News.

The body was found in January this year for a fridge is already a closed shop, but due to strong decomposition of the victim’s identity is established only now. He was a man who worked in the same shop. He was declared missing in 2009.

Experts say that the man fell in a 45-cm aperture. His cries for help nobody heard because of the noise of the refrigerator. The incident was classified as an accident.

A police spokesman said that they are constantly confronted with cases of missing people, but that he sees for the first time. Another officer who took a statement about the missing men in 2009, said police often find people in the walls in the area.

According to the mother of the deceased, the man was gone the next day after thanksgiving because of the hallucinations. He felt his heart beating too fast, and thought that the sugar will help to calm him down. He also heard voices that told him: “Eat sugar”. The woman then suggested that her son could be in store, because he spent a lot of time there.

On 21 July, the body of a missing farmer has been found murdered in the belly of a crocodile. Local residents first saw body parts on the shore, and then lying next to the crocodile. They killed the reptile, ripped open her belly and found inside human arms and legs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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