The daughter of a detainee North Korea sailor told about the conversation with his father


www.vsyako.netPauline Sazonovoj: REN TV

The daughter of one of the detainees in the DPRK, the Russian sailors Polina Sazonova told about the last conversation with my father. Her words quoted by REN-TV.

The girl said that the last time you spoke with father on 15 July he sent her a picture and told that the ship is being repaired. “He said something about the main engine, as I understand it, a small problem, he said that all is well”, — said Sazonov. She added that the day before, July 14, father of the celebrated fisherman’s Day.

The family of a detainee sailor learned about the incident from the news. According to the daughter, now nobody’s answering.

Previously, North Korean authorities said that the detained Russian vessel and its crew will return home after the test. It is also noted that the Russian captain of the ship acknowledged his entry into the territorial waters of the country.

Fishing ship “Sakhalin-8” with 15 Russians and two South Koreans on Board was seized in the night of July 17. It was heading from the South Korean port of Sokcho in the sea of Japan for the production of crab. The DPRK claims that a ship seized for crossing the boundaries of “the zone of military escort,” which North Korea arbitrarily set to 50 nautical miles from the shore.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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