The journalist reported about tortures current in FSB


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A journalist from Ingushetia Rashid Maisigov said that, under pressure, signed a confession in the purchase of drugs. This is with reference to his lawyer Magomed Aushev, reported by “the Media”.

Maisigov said that the FSB Department for Ingushetia, his tortured with electric shocks, holding the level of the earlobes. Under pressure he signed the plea agreement in the purchase of heroin on July 12 via the messenger Telegram and its subsequent storage.

He also drew attention to the fact that the interrogation confessions Maisigov largely dedicated to some of Evloeva Isabella, who was allegedly the employer of the journalist. According to the document, the woman paid for its publication in the Telegram-channel “ФортангаORG” and sent the materials, and sent him through an intermediary leaflets with appeals about joining of Georgia.

According to Aushev, Maisigov did not use drugs, it is proven by the results of a blood test. Also the defender of the journalist called the strange readings. “Three weeks drugs to carry in your pocket — it somehow sounds absurd,” said he. Washouts from hands of the journalist recorded the traces of heroin, and in the blood — the consequences of marijuana use.

Now Maisigov is in jail on charges of drug possession. He claims that the substance was planted during the arrest.

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