The Russians called the main expectations from the parent capital


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All-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) found out that 27 percent of Russians are confident in the positive impact of maternal capital on fertility. The survey results are published on the website VTSIOM.

45 percent recognize the importance of this, but I doubt that this will have a significant impact on the demographic situation. Not believe in the benefits of the proposed measures 20 percent.

VTSIOM also found out how many Russians even know about support and how you intend to use them.

The most famous measure of support for families with children is the deductibility of 450 thousand rubles from the mortgage loan for the third or subsequent child know about it 79%. 26 per cent were aware of this measure, 53 percent had heard about it, but no details.

18% know about the possibility of a gradual reduction of mortgage rates to 9 percent and then to 8 and below, as well as establish mortgage incentives for families with children for the entire term of the loan. Another 56 percent had heard of this measure. Also, 18 percent are well aware of the possibility of increasing the allowance for child care to families with income below two minimum per person, 48% heard, but do not possess the details.

To take advantage of the benefits of tax for large families like 70 percent of respondents. Opportunity to build your house ready to take advantage of 67 percent of Russians. So many are ready to increase child benefit for families with income below two living wages on the person.

Of those who admit the possibility of the child, 64 percent stated the intention to use less 450 thousand roubles of the mortgage loan for the third or subsequent child. Another 62 percent would like to reduce rates on mortgages and get benefits for families with children for the entire term of the mortgage.

According to 42 per cent, such measures encourage them on the birth of a child. 52 per cent hold the opposite opinion. The greatest willingness to speak for the child aged 25 to 34 years (50 percent). People aged 45 to 59 years “more sceptical”.

Previously, 64 percent of Russians said that the maternity capital encourages families to have children after the birth of first child. Most often this claim of Russians aged 18 to 24 years (69 percent) and people over 60 years of age (71 per cent). About a third of respondents (31 per cent) do not consider the prisoner a sufficient incentive for the birth of the second child. They are mainly respondents aged 25 to 34 years (37 percent) and 35 to 44 years (37 percent).

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