The Russians were more likely to fake Euro



For the second quarter of the current year in the Russian banking system there were 184 counterfeit euros, is three times more than in the first quarter. This is stated in the materials of the Central Bank. Thus for all the year 2018 were identified 182 forgery in 2017 was discovered 194, and the previous year’s 140.

In total, it was discovered 648 counterfeit banknotes of foreign States against 523 in the first quarter. However, the largest number of identified forgeries among the foreign currency remains the dollar. In the second quarter of the year found 441 449 vs fake in the beginning of the year, said the Central Bank. The number of fake RMB has increased from 12 to 22 pieces.

As for the fake rubles, their number declined 2.5 percent to 9178 bills. Most often counterfeited banknotes in denominations of 5 thousand rubles (6316) and thousands bills (1902 pieces). Two thousand fake banknotes identified 671. Less found false pyatidesyatyletia (12), a dozen fake and not found.

In may 2019, the Central Bank called for the introduction of liability for the materials, resembling real money. The Central Bank said that the Souvenirs are used for fraud and reminded about stuffing fakes in terminals and ATMs, with which money a substitute for tickets “Bank of tricks”. In the state Duma the idea of punishment is supported.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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