The TV host welcomed their child into the world of drug addicts and admired network


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Australian television and radio presenter Andrew Costello (Andrew Costello) was demonstrated to followers on Facebook, he responded to the purchase of the phone his 11-year-old daughter Matilda. Network users admired his message to a child.

Costello posted a screenshot of his correspondence with her daughter: at her greeting he broke into a big tirade about a world dominated by gadgets, and people become addicts, dependent on their smartphones. “I’m just so sad to think she now joins the world depending on the devices… One is good. I was the first person on this earth, who sent her a message”, signed the post TV host.

In his message, Costello reminded Matilda that every message has value, and with the help of the sent message can be a happy person, and completely destroy his life. “Always remember, no matter how cool your phone is, there is nothing better than to leave him to go and talk to someone,” he wrote.

At the end of his tirade, the presenter said that the phone should be used wisely, because Apple will be releasing a new gadget every year, and the father of the girl only one, so it should be nice.

The publication received several thousand likes and hundreds of comments. Members admired the resourcefulness Costello and the principles that he sought to convey to the child. “What a wonderful message!” — agreed one commenter. “Thanks for sharing (hope you got her permission for this). Great advice, everyone should follow him,” said the other.

Many users called Costello a great father and was jealous of his daughter, who is so lucky to have understanding and loving parents.

Earlier, the Russian journalist and TV presenter Vladimir Pozner called mobile phones a threat to humanity. He lamented that because of electronic communications, people lose their individuality.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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