Tourists urged to stop to be photographed with “unfortunate” animals in Crimea


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Feoktistov / TASS

Tourists urged to stop using the services of street photographers with animals. The words of the head of the public chamber of the Crimea Grigory Ioffe cites RIA Novosti.

“Such photographers it’s time to declare a public boycott. It is unacceptable and inhumane to be photographed on the background of the emaciated, poor, exploited animal. What should the head to be photographed next to this miserable living being? If this goes on, we will start to be photographed with crippled people, unusual kinds of disabilities,” says Joffe.

He reminded that the actions of the photographers are illegal because they are banned in Crimea, the Republican law on the humane treatment of animals. However, according to him, the authorities do not pay enough attention.

22 Jul photographers, offering tourists pictures with animals, beat up young people for failure to pay. The incident occurred at the walls of the Genoese fortress in the resort town of Sudak. According to published online a video of the incident user photographers with the eagles imposed their services to tourists and began to extort money. When they refused to pay more, they pounced on them and the crowd started to beat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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