Ukraine has accused the Donbass in violation of the truce


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The headquarters of the Ukrainian Operations of the United forces (NFB) has accused the self-proclaimed Republic of Donbass in violation of the absolute indefinite truce. This is stated in the message of the headquarters of the environmental protection section in Facebook.

According to Ukrainian security forces, the ceasefire regime was violated only once, on July 23. On this day the forces of the breakaway republics allegedly opened fire at positions of the Ukrainian Armed forces with automatic grenade launchers and small arms. Thus, as specify in the Ministry of environmental protection, the victims on the Ukrainian side is not.

At the same time, according to the Ukrainian intelligence, July 23, died three soldiers of the breakaway republics, and another one was injured. This happened as a result of exploding mines. July 24 ceasefire violations were recorded, added to FOS.

21 Jul at 00 hours 01 minute at the Donbass entered into force a new open — ended and absolute — the truce. A few hours before the truce, Ukrainian security forces shelled houses in Pervomaisk in the LC, in order to provoke the militia to break the agreements. One person was killed, seven people were injured, including a child of three.

Despite this, throughout the contact line of the troops of the breakaway republics has adhered to the ceasefire. Both parties reported no violations, while in DND said about the failure of the regime of absolute silence. The truce was maintained over 12 hours 53 minutes. Next time on ceasefire violations reported in the LC, stating that on 21 July at 18:40 local time, the Ukrainian security forces again shelled Pervomaisk.

Part of Donbass is out of control in Kiev after an armed conflict that lasted almost five years. In April 2014, the Ukrainian government began a military operation against the unrecognized Donetsk and Lugansk national republics, which declared independence from Kiev after the change of the Central government.

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