Woman ridiculed donated ex-fiancé’s wedding ring with frogs


www.vsyako.netPhoto: home of “That’s It, I’m Ring Shaming” in Facebook

Anonymous wearer Facebook ridiculed the design of the ring, which gave her ex-husband on the day of engagement. It is reported by The Sun.

Photo of the ornaments she shared in group That’s it, I’m ring the shaming (“That’s how I made a mockery of the rings”), which ridiculed the strange ring. “I love frogs, and opal — the stone of our month of birth. So it is with the meaning” she explained in the description of the post and invited others to mock him.

The ring itself is a silver two frogs, between which is located a stone oval. Commentators considered that the design is disgusting. “It is so terrible that I won’t be able to forget it. I’m in shock,” protested one of them. “It’s like two frogs threw up on each other, and between them now a puddle of shiny things. How romantic,” he composed another. “The ring should be sent to the trash, where he belongs,” concluded the third.

Earlier in July, another groom the right design of engagement ring. For the sake of his purchase, the man sold the house. The bride posted a photo of a ring with a purple diamond in the shape of a flower in the same group with the caption: “in Anticipation of comments, Yes, it is real and made to order. We sold our house to get that perfect ring. This is purple diamond, look!”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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