Airport name Letov decided to retake


www.vsyako.netPhoto: the group “Omsk online” in “Vkontakte”

The owner of the airport of a name of Egor Letov, the entrepreneur Alexander Anisimov challenges the court’s decision to close the runway. He said this radio station “Moscow Says”.

According to Anisimov, the officials confuse yard and airfields. “Airports — our airports are Central, which are engaged in transportation of people and goods. Yard don’t do that. The law clearly says that these landing sites are based on ultralight and light court, who are forbidden to engage in commercial transportation and cargo transportation, are not included in transport infrastructure”, — he explained.

In addition, Anisimov said that will put the territory in the other land category only if the prosecution’s request will be true from the point of view of the legislation.

He added that the next year will organize a rock festival, which officially assigns the airport a name of Egor Letov, because trials do not have time to do before.

On 25 July it became known that the Azov district court after the appeal of local residents to the Prosecutor’s office banned the use of land in the village of Popovka, Volgograd oblast, as the runway. It turned out that Alexander Anisimov illegally equipped with a runway on agricultural land. Omsk transport Prosecutor made the ban on the use of land not for the intended purpose.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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