American family asked for 300 thousand dollars to rescue the “house Barbie”



The family of the Andersons, owning an unusual pink building in Austin — one of the suburbs of Chicago, launched an Internet campaign to raise funds for the repair of the mansion. This writes the Chicago Tribune.

The cottage in question, considered a local landmark. The Andersons bought it in 1986 and repainted from green to white and pink. Externally, the mansion is reminiscent of a house for Barbie, inside is also decorated in a “Dollhouse” style. All work on the transformation of the house at the time he executed the head of the family Isaiah Anderson. The man died about two years ago, and now for the safety of the building fighting for his children.

Originally, they planned to sell the house who is able to perform all the necessary restoration work. The house brought to the market at the price of 290 thousand dollars, then the price was reduced to 160 thousand, but wishing to buy the property yet. The average cost of residential property in Austin, according to the Zillow on July 25, is $ 97 per square foot (about a thousand dollars per square meter). Square rose cottage is about 250 square meters, that is, it is priced significantly below market value.

The idea to renovate the house due to donations and not sell it, came up with the realtor of Jean Keating. She asked the family to launch a campaign to raise funds for the online platform GoFundMe. “It’s not always about the money, explained Keating edition. — Sometimes it is just important to do what feels right. This house is an integral part of the family and the local community, so I thought we should take the matter all together and keep it.”

According to the realtor, the house you need to renovate the heating and ventilation, roof, porch, kitchen. “He just falls apart,” said Keating. As of July 25, to repair the cottage has less than two thousand dollars. The money was donated 45 people.

Earlier in July, the unusual house was put up for sale in the Russian Omsk. The mansion is owned by, presumably, the Gypsy Baron and decorated with gilding, numerous sculptures, objects made of crystal. The design of the rooms is dominated by bright colors — yellow, green, pink and blue. In the living room hangs a huge picture of the Roma family.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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