American journalist visited “McDonald’s” in Russia and was delighted


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maxim Zmeyev / Reuters

The journalist of Business Insider Katie Warren (Katie Warren) was delighted from the visit to Moscow by a fast food restaurant “McDonald’s”. The material on her visit published on the newspaper’s website.

American chose the very first restaurant that opened in the Russian fast food in Moscow’s Pushkin square. Warren noted that the design is better than in restaurants in the US, and electronic kiosks available not only in Russian but also in English and other foreign languages.

It is also impressed with the range of available dishes. The journalist, in her confession, was hoping to see “Burger with caviar” and ice cream “Macflurry” vodka, but was pleasantly surprised by the menu. According to Warren, the “McDonald’s” in downtown new York only one fish dish, but in the capital they were four.

The journalist also admitted that in Russia the standard set of Burger the “big Mac”, fries and a drink costs three times cheaper than in the US — 204 of the ruble against 618 rubles. Food she likes: French fries were hot and perfectly salted, and the “big Mac” — more fresh taste than the US, despite the same ingredients.

Warren praised the institution for clean, plenty of tables for visitors and the lack of security locks on the doors of toilets. She concluded that would definitely come back in Russian “McDonald’s” again in the future.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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