Attacked a Church in Grozny, the students agreed on the Jihad


www.vsyako.netPhoto: said tsarnaev / RIA Novosti

The investigators completed the investigation of the attack on the Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael in Grozny. According to “Kommersant” the crime was committed by four students of a medical College.

According to the publication, the main participants in the group of attackers — Ahmed Tsechoyev, Mikail Alisultanov and twin brothers Amir and Ali Junusova. According to their classmates, first, young people professed traditional Islam, but at the end of the second year of College Amir Yunusov started to create messenger groups that were given names in Arabic, and invited them to all his friends. In the chat discussed the videos the fighting in Syria, questions of belief and statements about the necessity of Jihad — Holy war against infidels.

As told to investigators, in late February — early March of 2018 Tsechoyev, Alisultanov and Yunusova thought on radical action: they decided to attack the police or of the Gentiles. Young people believed that in this way they will take revenge for military action in Syria.

First, students visited the temple to conduct exploration. They are unable to get weapons of war and ordered through the Internet, knives, paintball grenades and smoke bombs. The attackers have built a “Molotov cocktail”, Alisultanov brought home a shotgun IZH-27 12-gauge ammunition.

In the day of the attack, may 19, the students arrived by taxi at the prospect of Kadyrov and stopped a kilometer from the temple. At 15:30 GMT they attacked the temple. First, young people attacked the police, then, dispersed throughout the Church.

Due to the attack on the Orthodox Church, killing two police officers and one member. As a result of the RAID, four of the attackers were eliminated. Investigators found no connection of students with banned terrorist operation “Islamic state”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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