Austria was declared wanted by the GRU officer


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Austrian police announced wanted by the Russian, who is suspected of espionage. This was announced on Thursday, July 25, at the Ministry of interior of Austria, reports Kurier.

As noted, wanted a 65-year-old Igor Zaitsev, ye, who is called the officer of the Main Directorate of the General staff of the Russian armed forces (General staff of GU, the former GRU). A man “suspected of conducting secret activities for the Russian Main intelligence Directorate to the detriment of the Republic of Austria,” said the Agency.

Since we are talking about the disclosure of military secrets and the transfer of state secrets in the name of the men issued an international arrest warrant. It is noted that the alleged spy was born in Moscow.

Kurier writes that the case was connected with the spy scandal, the center of which was a 70-year-old Colonel is a native of Salzburg. It is assumed that the Russian was the curator of the Austrian and during one of the meetings gave him 30 thousand euros.

Austrian authorities have detained the Colonel on suspicion of divulging state secrets in favor of Russia on 9 November. The man, whose name was not disclosed, confessed.

It turned out that he worked in the structural planning of the Ministry of defense of Austria, could know about the contents of important talks in the Department, but had no access to classified information. According to press reports, he was recruited in Tehran in 1988.

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