Beaten by a Russian official in the homeless away from the streets


www.vsyako.netPostradavshie: Sergey Fedoseev

In Perm was taken to the center for social adaptation of homeless who kicked the employee of local management of Federal registration service. This was announced by the publication citing a source.

According to the newspaper, the man was taken there after a call to the passerby. He was offered to stay, he agreed.

Edition ProGorod in the Ministry of social development said that, with male psychologists and specialists of social services. He was given food and clean clothes. The center will also help a man to get a passport, medical insurance and medical assistance for the establishment of disability.

In management of Federal registration service said that the test is carried out. According to authorities, the man began to appear in his building about a month ago. In the evening there is a company gathered and drank alcohol. Neither the ambulance nor the police had nothing to do with it.

“The management of Federal registration service authority to solve the problems of the citizens leading asocial way of life, not endowed. To the solution of the problem joined the police, Ministry of social development, the Ombudsman and members of the administration”, — reported in management of Rosreestr.

Earlier it was reported that in Perm the official of the regional Department of Rosreestr kicked bum, lying at the entrance to the facility. She stated that the smell coming from the homeless man, “killed all the girls, it is impossible to breathe.” She also explained their actions by the fact that the building is a historical monument of architecture.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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