Detention Ukraine Russian tanker called the setup for Zelensky


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Andrei Krylov / RIA Novosti

The detention of the Russian tanker NEYMA in the port of Izmail of Odessa region could be a planned provocation against Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Reports about it “Strenia”.

“If Ukraine is now the arrest of Russian sailors who sailed on the ship, it can disrupt any beginnings of a peaceful settlement in the Donbass, not to mention the possibility of exchange of prisoners”, — writes the edition.

According to journalists, the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the military Prosecutor’s office are trying to show that the detained Russian tanker almost under the sanctions of Kiev. This is evidenced explicitly “political” seizure of the vessel, and also mention the company “Yuvas-TRANS”, located in the sanctions list, adds “Strenia”.

However, the publication admits that Zelensky deliberately decided to add “exchange Fund” and thereby to facilitate the release of Ukrainian sailors.

SBU detained a Russian tanker on July 25 in the port of Izmail, where he had gone for repairs. The Ministry said that the ship NEYMA was renamed NIKA SPIRIT to “conceal the involvement in aggression in the Kerch Strait”. The tanker was searched and interrogated members of the crew.

The incident was commented by the Russian foreign Ministry. There stated that if the Ukrainian government seized the ship in order to “set material” for the subsequent exchange of prisoners, he should know that such a move will not help to negotiate. Kiev also should think about the possible consequences of such actions on the situation in the Azov sea, said the Ministry.

Currently in Russia under investigation are 24 Ukrainian servicemen (22 sailor and the two SBU officers), who were detained and arrested, along with three ships in the incident in the Kerch Strait in November 2018. They are accused of illegal crossing of the Russian border in an organized group.

Kiev says the arrested citizens and prisoners of war needs to return them to Ukraine. In may, a similar ruling made by the UN international Tribunal on law of the sea. Moscow stressed that the question of seafarers is not included in the jurisdiction of this court, and insists that the fate of the sailors must decide the investigation and trial in Russia.

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