Elections in the six polling stations in Ukraine were under threat


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Ukraine needs to hold new elections due to the fact that in the six polling stations, it is impossible to establish the results. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from party “Oppositional platform For life,” Nestor Shufrych.

According to him, the relevant requirement will be the headquarters of his party. He believes that due to numerous violations, including threats against members of the commissions and bribing of voters, the CEC must recognize that in the six areas the results of the election are invalid. Alternatively can be used the formulation of the impossibility to establish results of elections in connection with numerous violations and facts of falsification.

First Shufrich accused of violations of the representatives of the party “Opposition bloc”, which is associated with oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. As an example he cited the situation on the 105th constituency in Luhansk region, where Commission members were threatened with violence, and the PEC members gave out ballots to people without local residence registration, as well as the military. After processing 100 percent of the ballots in the County, it is almost volipresence margin won by the candidate from “Opposition bloc” Victoria Mushroom.

Earlier it became known that at the polling district №50 in the city of Pokrovsk, in the Donetsk region, clashes broke out during the counting of votes after observers found differences in the protocols. To stabilize the situation and prevent its complications, the interior Ministry has deployed special forces. After processing 100% of protocols in district election with a margin of 206 votes representing the “Opposition bloc”, the mayor of Pokrovsk Ruslan Trepashkin (30.29 percent) were ahead of independent candidate Andrei Aksenov (29.97 percent).

Early parliamentary elections were held in Ukraine on Sunday, July 21. After processing 99 percent of the ballots, the party of President Vladimir Zelensky retains leadership, gaining 43.17% of the votes. Also in the Parliament of the party “Opposition platform For life” (13.03 percent), Batkivshchyna Yulia Tymoshenko (8.18 percent), “European solidarity”, former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko (8.1 percent) and “Voice” of the leader of the musical group “Okean Elzy” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (5.82 percent).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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