Finland has accused Russia of air invasion


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Attila Cser / Reuters

Russian aircraft violated the border of Finland and a few minutes spent in its airspace. To such conclusion the border service of the country during the preliminary investigation of the incident, reports Yle.

As noted, the violation occurred on July 17. On that day, “the Russian state aircraft” flew into Finnish territory near Porvoo, located 50 kilometers East from Helsinki.

It is reported that this occurred at 9:23 local time. The aircraft flew a total of about 25 kilometers in the airspace of Finland and left it two minutes later — at 9:25. The maximum depth of invasion amounted to about a kilometer.

As a result, the investigation suggested not to continue: to set the personal data of the pilots turned out to be impossible, so bring someone to justice is not possible. What kind of aircraft violated the border, was not specified.

23 July, South Korea claimed a violation of Russian borders. It was reported that Russian aircraft twice in three minutes was in South Korean airspace over the sea of Japan, and fighter jets fired warning shots. In the administration of the President of the country has threatened Russia with more stringent measures in case of recurrence of the situation.

The Russian military in response has sent a military attache in South Korea note in connection with the “hooligan” behavior of the fighters of his country. The defense Ministry indicated that strategic bombers-rocket carriers Tu-95MS had a scheduled flight and did not violate the border. The South Korean F-16 just shot off flares and flew away, “there is no warning, there was no fire”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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