Found the cheapest new Moscow



The absolute price low in the capital market of new buildings recorded in the district of Kuntsevo (AO): the cost of housing in one of the local LCD starts from 3.4 million rubles. This is evidenced by data analysts of the company “best new Building” (at the disposal of edition).

As calculated in the company, nearly half (49 percent) of all apartments in the Moscow new buildings of affordable price segments, which include the classes of “economy” and “comfort”, concentrated in two districts — South and South-East. The share of these districts in the total budget proposals in July 2019 was 15 and 34 percent, respectively. Relatively large in total volume were also shares of the North East (13% of all democratic proposals), Northern (12 percent) and Western (11%) administrative districts.

While the lowest prices for apartments in the residential complex under construction in July 2019 fixed in the Kuntsevo district, Western administrative area (3.4 million rubles). In the rating areas with cheap apartments primary also includes Rostokino (3.8 million), Lublin and southern Butovo (from 3.9 million). Relatively low apartment prices recorded in Golyanovo (from 4.1 million) in Orekhovo-Borisovo Yuzhnoye (from 4.4 million).

Earlier in the company “INKOM-real Estate” has made a rating of the cheapest rental housing in Moscow. First place in the ranking went to the apartment on the Shchelkovo highway, which is rented for 20 thousand rubles per month.

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