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The Ministry of environment has drafted amendments to the laws on specially protected natural territories (SPNT) and tourist activities with the purpose of introduction in the Russian legislation the concept of “ecological tourism”. About it reports “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, the document is a regulatory impact assessment. In its first version it was about ecotourism in the framework of the national project “Ecology”, implying an increase in visitors to protected areas by 2 million. Now the authors of the project propose to distribute the eco-tourism is also on the wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves. In the last tourism is proposed to be developed on the “specially designated areas”.

In “Greenpeace Russia” expressed concern that a new form of tourism can have a negative impact on ecosystems. According to experts of the organization Michael Kreindlin, the concept of “educational tourism” is a more correct environmental characteristics than “environmental”. At the same time, the Ministry of natural resources offers considered “ecotourism”, this kind of tourism, in which “the primary motivation of tourists is observation and connection to nature when you desire for its preservation, rendering a minimal impact”.

The Department also noted the publication that in 2018 visitor centers, nature museums, ecological paths and routes visited by over 8 million people, including more than 6 million visitors have attended national parks.

Earlier it was reported that in RPN wanted to increase the penalties for environmental crimes. According to the head of Department Svetlana Radionova, fines in the amount of 5-20 thousand rubles “extremely small”. She noted that legal persons would be a fair fines from 50 thousand to 1 million rubles with the possibility of suspension of activity of the enterprise. For individual entrepreneurs, the amount of the fine shall be from 10 to 500 thousand rubles for individuals, from 5 to 50 thousand rubles.

Until 2024 Russia will be the national project “Ecology”, aimed at resolving environmental problems. Its implementation will receive four trillion rubles, three of which will receive from investors. The project consists of several sections: “Clean country”, “Integrated system of municipal solid waste management”, “Clean air”, “Clean water”, “Improvement of the Volga” and others.

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