Named the main flaw of housing in the cultural capital of Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

The acquisition of cheap private housing in the city centre on the Neva river — Studio apartment — could spell trouble, said the Agency “”, arrived in edition “”.

Realtors say that most of these studios have a total area not exceeding 25 square meters and are formed by dividing the former communal apartments. Formally they are not a separate living space, and shares.

“The main difficulty and danger for those who want to buy a Studio in the centre, stands the illegitimate redevelopment, — experts explain. — Upon detection of this fact the owner may be required to return the object to its original state. Such an operation is extremely time-consuming and costly. In addition, we note that the responsibility for redevelopment rests with the owner of the premises, and not the one who made it”.

In addition, indicate the realtors, buyers studios can be difficult to notarial assurance of the transaction. But despite the legal nebezopasnosti of these apartments, they are quite expensive, almost as much as “secondary” in the outlying areas. “Square meter is a good Studio in the Kalininsky district in the North of the city, which is located in the so-called “new secondary housing” (in a modern home — approx. “Of the”), worth 136 thousand rubles. For comparison, the average price per square meter in the Central district in June of 2019 — about 142 thousand rubles.”

Earlier in June 2019, realtors caught the St. Petersburg’s reluctance to leave communal apartments. According to experts, many residents of the Northern capital do not want to move out of communal apartments, located in the city centre because the rent property to rent to tourists and thus get a good income.

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