Passengers forced to pay for water on the plane in 30-degree heat


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Ryanair ordered the passengers to pay for the water they received during a flight delay in 30-degree heat. This writes the Metro.

One of the passengers Steven Ramsey said on his page in Facebook that his flight was delayed almost two hours in 30-degree heat. After about 90 minutes of delay, the flight attendants started offering water at a price of three euros per bottle. Ramsey told the staff that under the circumstances the water should be free. The stewardess explained that it is not company policy.

“The staff acted very professional and friendly, but their hands are tied. They also had to pay for extra water,” wrote the man. He believes that companies should not profit from the basic needs of the people.

He received many comments in support of his point of view. For example, the user Brett Nibs suggested that it was illegal. Many of you wrote that I would never use the services of Ryanair.

The company has not commented on the situation.

July 5, passengers with disabilities, broke his arm due to the fact that the staff failed to provide him with a wheelchair. Briton Daniel Rooney suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and moves only in a wheelchair. He wanted to go to the toilet in a special container, the surrounding passengers didn’t mind but the flight attendant made him go to the bathroom. There he fell, and was injured. The company declined to comment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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