Pokras Lampas commented on the idea to reconcile street art ROC


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Artist Pokras Lampas responded to the words of the Creator of the Yekaterinburg festival of contemporary art “Scenografia” Evgeny Fateev, who offered the local diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church to enter the organizing Committee of the event. About it reports “Politics today.”

“If we are talking about issues of culture, cultural projects should be judged by people competent in this field. If we are talking about religion, all of it should be judged by the people involved in it,” said the artist.

In his opinion, street art doesn’t need approval, but if we are talking about projects of the urban environment, we can turn to the experts: “Then the matching process is a completely different remedies.”

The artist believes that the expert group needed only in individual cases where street art has affected several spheres of public life. For example, if you want to paint wall of an old house, you must obtain approval of the residents, said Pokras Lampas.

Previously, the artist said that “Stenographie” it is important the Church is, therefore, representative of the Russian Orthodox Church can enter a Commission for the coordination of the festival as the expert. These statements were made in connection with the fact that some Orthodox have considered inappropriate the work of Color of Stripes “Suprematist cross”.

19 Jul utilities of Ekaterinburg have started to stack asphalt on top of a giant “Suprematist cross.” The work agreed with the authorities, was placed in the square in a residential area of the city and took 6686 square meters. After reports in the media, the paving stopped. The artist has personally promised to restore his creation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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