Revealed major misconceptions about men



Men of Reddit community talked about the most popular myths about members of their own sex in the society. It all started with the question of one of users about what a common misconception they are most annoying.

Zentox noted that it is often a long bathing man means that the man also masturbated. “We don’t always masturbate, sometimes we just enjoy a shower or looking at memes” — he added. Another user urged to remember that men also have problems with self-esteem. “You usually hear about bodypositive only when it comes to women’s bodies,” — said a user with the nickname lewdel00.

Sbroll complained that the opinions of men are almost never taken into account when preparing a wedding ceremony, it is believed that they are not interested. “I had ideas I wanted to implement it and execute. But? my God, no one thought I’d care, although I regularly tried to explain his vision,” he said.

-Words-Words-Words – pointed out that men are also emotional, even if I don’t show it. According to him, in some situations, emotions are not noticeable on the face, but that doesn’t mean that there’s a man inside not experiencing anything. Urera acknowledged that men also like compliments, although they say is not accepted.

User “Kiyohara” urged not to consider images of men in advertising close to real. He noted that in the commercials they are usually totally unprepared for independent living, unable to wash, to cook, to raise children without their wives, although in fact in most cases it does not. MuppetHolocaust told how a friend due to his ability to help around the house is considered “good education from the wife or girl.” “No, we can be decent people without the help of women,” he said.

Previously, Twitter users shared the myths which they believed in childhood, and was surprised, realizing how naive they were before.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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