Soviet apartments were more popular modern


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Apartments in buildings built in the Soviet period, rent faster housing in the new Fund. This is evidenced by materials analysts CYANOGEN (have edition).

The national average the difference in terms of finding tenants is 4-5 days in favor of the old housing. In Moscow, the gap is even larger: the average sentence in a recent new building for rent for 32 days and the lot is in a typical Soviet building for 23 days. The reason analysts say the higher rates for apartments in modern LCD according to statistics company, the houses built 2010-2019 Russia giving up an average of 26 percent more expensive than buildings of the Soviet Fund.

“In the General case, a pattern — less in the city buildings, the more they are valued in the rental market”, — stated in the CYANOGEN. In Astrakhan, Arkhangelsk, Vladimir, Volgograd, Togliatti, Stary Oskol and Vladivostok, according to the company, the rental of apartments in new buildings outperform their competitors from the old stock of 40 percent or more.

In Moscow the price gap is also substantial: the housing is rented on average for 57 thousand rubles per month Soviet housing — 39 thousand rubles per month. The cause of the imbalance in this case, analysts CYANOGEN explain a significant share of more expensive deals business class to new LCD.

Earlier analysts of the National Agency for financial studies (NAFI) has estimated the number of tenants in the country. According to them, in 2019 housing rents about 10 million Russians and half of them do not plan to change housing strategy in the near future.

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