Team Zelensky has threatened the author of the provocative movie about him


www.vsyako.netPhoto: RIA Novosti

The police of Ukraine opened a criminal case under article “Threat or violence concerning the state or public figure” in relation to the author of the video, where President Vladimir Zelensky hit by a truck. This was the command of the head of state announced on Facebook.

“Remember the provocative video with the truck that I posted on the telegram to channel the former President Poroshenko? Already collected all the information regarding the allegations and the alleged author of the “masterpiece” video”, — stated in the message.

Team President said that “the fate of the author is not a sweet”, he faces up to five years ‘ deprivation or restriction of liberty.

11 APR headquarters Zelensky pointed to the social networks this video where the leader of the presidential race hit by a truck. In the video titled “everyone has their own way” Zelensky is on the street, then suddenly takes off chasing after the “path” of white matter (a reference to accusations against the artist in the use of drugs from a competitor in the presidential election of Petro Poroshenko — approx. “Of the”).

Team Zelensky says that the video appeared on the evening of April 10 at the Telegram-channel “Evropeiski future of Ukraine” (“Ukraine’s European future”). Link to this channel comes during the registration on the new website Poroshenko

Video, photo All from Russia.


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