The channel has compared gays to pigs and supported the marriages of girls


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The Islamic TV channel Peace TV, is broadcast in the UK, faces a revocation of the license to broadcast after the broadcast of programs with the insults homosexuals. As The Times reports, four issues were discovered violence and bullying.

British megaregulator Ofcom explained that in the show called “the Valley of homosexuals” (Valley of the Homosexuals) said that “homosexuals are worse than animals” and “dirtier pigs”. In another program it was argued that we need to introduce the death penalty against people convicted of witchcraft.

The Agency also was interested in the statements of the therapist, who was a guest on the air. Dr. Naik in November 2017, told the audience Peace TV that “no problem” marrying girls under 18 years of age, even if it is illegal in the country of residence.

The channel responded to Ofcom’s statement, stressing that it has the right to freedom of expression under the Convention on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. However, the governmental authority considered violations sufficient to further sanctions, fines or revocation of the license. The final decision will be made before the end of 2019.

Peace TV is a channel founded in 2006, available in the UK through the Sky Digital service. The manual claims that it regularly looks 200 million viewers from around the world. The channel is currently banned in India and Bangladesh.

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