The Director ridiculed the Russian TV series “Chernobyl” has declared guerrilla warfare


www.vsyako.netAlexey Muradova: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

The Director of the series “Chernobyl” from NTV Alexey Muradov has described the appearance of the trailer in the network “a partisan”. His words, reports the Daily Storm on Thursday, July 25.

“Can’t confirm whether there will be in the show materials that had displays in the trailer. But Yes, this is all we filmed. About the sudden appearance of the trailer in the network can not say anything: I think I would be warned that he will appear,” said Muradov, adding that he does not understand how footage from the upcoming show were leaked in the Internet.

The filmmaker refused to comment on the negative reaction of Internet users on the series trailer: “I see no reason to respond to criticism of work which made only half, I will not even comment”.

Earlier Thursday it was reported that the Russian version of the TV series “Chernobyl” has appeared online. A promo video was ridiculed because kenolaba and appearance in the frame of a CIA agent allegedly involved in the Chernobyl disaster.

Video, photo All from Russia.

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