The Estonian government quarreled because of the comparison of the EU with the USSR


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Policy of the Estonian government entered into a dispute after the interior Minister, Mart Helme compared the Soviet Union and the European Union. Writes about this Colossal.

The scandal erupted after the Minister of internal Affairs wrote to the new Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson a congratulatory letter in which he supported the desire of London to leave the EU. In the letter he wrote that Estonia knows what it’s like to secede from the Union, a member country does not want to be, alluding to the USSR and proposed a “share the experience that Eastern Europe has to offer in the restoration of its sovereignty”.

After that the Vice-Chancellor of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia Matti Maasikas using Twitter publicly appealed to the Minister of foreign Affairs Urmas Reinsalu and the Prime Minister jüri Ratas the requirement to clarify the remark on March Helme. “Member of the Cabinet of Ministers of Estonia, compares the European Union with the Soviet Union. Our diplomats more difficult to say that the policy has not changed”, — he wrote.

After this criticism of the words of the interior Minister was the head of the government. According to Ratas, the comparison with the USSR and the EU are “artificial and wrong”, and Estonia has no grounds for their search. He assured that Tallinn is committed to a consistent foreign policy, which is linked to the country’s membership in EU and NATO.

According to him, this membership meets the national interests of the country, the protection of which is spelled out in the coalition agreement. Ratas says that in Estonia, there are political forces that would put into question the country’s membership in the EU, and called for the helm and other members of the Conservative people’s party (EKRE) to refrain from such statements.

The statement of the head of the government said the son of Martha Helme and Minister of Finance of Estonia Martin Helme, who noted that in comparison to its parent there is nothing inappropriate, because “both the unions declared unthinkable,” and “power can only be supporters of the right (left) ideology.”

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