The indigenous inhabitants of the Taimyr told about the old way of dealing with mosquitoes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Oleg Lastochkin / RIA Novosti

The indigenous peoples of the Taimyr Peninsula for protection from mosquitoes since ancient times, smoldering fires are dymokury — in which dropping out of grass and willow, and do not use any chemicals, says “Taimyr Telegraph”.

The representative of the Evenki club “Kergan” Nina Bette told the publication that dymokury was used for two purposes. First, with their help in the tents Copts yukola — dried-dried meat fish or deer. Second, they deter mosquitoes, so the smoky fire was set in the room even at night.

Zoe arepieva of the Nganasan ethno-folk club “Gender” added that one never wore and now does not. Men wore mosquito nets, and women worked on the farm in the tent, where there was a smoky fire. “Going out on the street, again go to the tent” she explained.

According to the head of the community “Nya of tans” (“Nganasan family”) Valerie Balgooy except dimauro was taken to lubricate the face and hands fish oil, which not only protect the skin but also moisturizes it.

Another way to escape from insects in the summer to go with the herd to the North of the Peninsula, where it is cooler and often windy, because of which mosquitoes and gnats blows. Also they can be dismissed by simple branches.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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