The man touched the 80-year-old woman belly and delighted in the network


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A Reddit user under the nickname Goitews said that touched the 80-year-old woman in the stomach in response to her joke. He said the commentators correctly received, and they supported him.

According to the author, the lady touched his stomach, joking that he was expecting a baby: “Congratulations. You have someone on the way. Mazal tov” she said. Despite the fact that Goitews moved away from her, she stubbornly continued.

“I was annoyed, so I touched her belly and told her the same thing, and then she got mad,” shared the author of the publication. According to him, nobody has the right to touch a stranger without permission, and make fun of his appearance.

Commentators took the position Goitews history and admired its ingenuity. “Today you became my hero network,” said one of them. Some readers have offered their own versions of jokes the author of the post. “You were supposed to cover her hand with his, pressed against your stomach and say, “Thank you! I hope you’re still with us by that time when he” appears” — expressed the idea LittleJackass80.

One of the subscribers of the thread stated that this situation was the perfect illustration of the saying “an eye for an eye”. In his opinion, tactless woman got what she deserved.

Earlier, a Reddit user said that he sent his neighbor by mail cigarette butts, which he threw into his garden. Subscribers were delighted from such an elaborate revenge.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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