The Russians put out burning car jet brew


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Smirnov / TASS

A resident of the city Kamen-na-Obi (Altai Krai) flooded the fire with water. About it reports the edition “Kamensky news”.

The man claims that he noticed the Smoking Nissan X-Trail, around which bustled owners. One of them asked him for water to put out the fire. Have resourceful Kamenetz was no water, but there was a kvass.

“Without hesitation, I shook a good brew and began to extinguish the fire, he said. — Extinguished. They found that if you shake it, it is not worse than a fire extinguisher jet at it.”

Kamenskiy manufacturer of kvass he promised to reward the man with a new supply of drink.

In 2012 it was reported about the explosion that supposedly occurred in the center of Zaporozhye. Investigative team and bomb experts found that the cause of PE was broken in the box bottle fermented kvass.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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