Theresa Mae was suspected of a secret purchase of the bracelet Margaret Thatcher


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Former Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may have suspected in the secret purchase of the bracelet Margaret Thatcher for 40 thousand pounds. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Gold bracelet, very similar to the decoration Thatcher was seen on the right hand Mae Wednesday, July 24, when she was saying goodbye to the press on the porch of his official apartment on Downing street, 10.

Golden bracelet adorned with multi-colored precious stones cabochon (method of processing of precious and semi-precious stones, in which it acquires a smooth convex surface), was presented Thatcher and her husband Denis. Photo: Daily Mail 1/2

She wore it on the first day of work as Prime Minister in 1979, during a meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev in the estate Chekkers in 1984, and also during a meeting with Nelson Mundella in 1990. Together with a gold ring adorned with amethyst, the bracelet became a part of jewelry “uniform” that Thatcher used at official receptions.

The bracelet was exhibited along with 169 other personal belongings Thatcher at the auction house Christie’s devoted to the 40 th anniversary of the beginning of her work as Prime Minister on 3 may 1979. Estimé (estimated selling price) 2.5 thousands of pounds bracelet was sold for 40 thousand pounds. The buyer chose to remain anonymous.

Gold ring with amethyst was sold for 30 thousand pounds. All in all, buyers from 36 countries have paid at the auction for things Thatcher over a million pounds.

Earlier in July, it was announced the gifts, which members of the Cabinet of Ministers was handed to Theresa may after the announcement of her resignation from the post of Prime Minister of great Britain.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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