Weighing nearly 100 pounds, Beyonce has revealed the secret of weight loss


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American singer Beyonce shared how she lost weight after the birth of twins. Videos on the topic of weight loss it is published in your YouTube account.

Previously, the star said that after giving birth she gained almost 100 pounds. At the beginning of a new movie she again gets on the scale and learns that now weighs about 80. “There’s a long way,” she says and adds that he is going to get in shape for performance at the Coachella festival. She also admits that after the birth of the children felt that her body is not her own.

The video mentions the 22 Days Nutrition program, which came up with friend Beyonce — physiologist and trainer Marco Borges. Performer for 44 days followed this diet, which meant an abundance of foods of plant origin and a complete rejection of meat. In addition, she was active in sports, including in your training plan crossfit classes for stretching. According to Borges, this diet gave the singer the energy and good mood, and also help to lose weight to appearance at Coachella.

In August 2018, Beyonce admitted that the birth of Sir and Rumi was difficult: “I pumped from morning sickness, and by the time I was tied to the bed. My health and the health of my children was in danger, so I did an emergency C-section”. She added that after that her children spent several weeks in NICU.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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