“Yandex” will pay for foreign caregivers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti

The police of Moscow has brought to administrative responsibility for the company “Yandex.Food” for the illegal employment of foreign workers, writes “Kommersant”.

A violation in which it found guilty of “Yandex.Food”, involves the penalty of a fine of 400 thousand to one million rubles or suspension of activities from 14 to 90 days. The decision has not yet entered into force, however, the Arbitration court of Moscow has rejected the appeal of the company, ruling that it should be considered in the court of General jurisdiction.

“Yandex.Food” denies the allegations. The company claims that hires employees and works through intermediaries. Its activity consists in the provision of information services through appropriate application. Delivery, usually couriers, decorated in a special state agencies-partners “Yandex.Food.” Last pay the company a Commission from each order. On a similar scheme operates aggregator “Yandex.Taxi”.

“Yandex.Food” belongs to “Yandex.Taxi”, which was controlled by the MLU Netherlands B. V., 61 percent in the last company belongs to the Dutch parent Yandex — Yandex N. V., 38 percent of American service to order a taxi from Uber.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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