Became known the fate of caught from the river the ashes of the Russian veteran


www.vsyako.netEvgeny Fedorovich Doilnitsyna: from personal archive

The ashes of WWII veteran Eugene Doilnitsyna, which was found in the river, will be buried on the walk of Fame in the city of Zarinsk. This was reported by the newspaper “Tal life.”

To solve the issue of burial of ashes was succeeded after relatives of the veteran were given permission to do so.

Veteran buried with military honors in the district of Zarinsk, which is formed by joining the city in the village of Sorokino. There he was born and lived until the age of 14. Information about the veteran will be placed in city and regional museums. At the ceremony, invited the representatives of veteran organizations of the region and the Novosibirsk region, where he lived and worked Doilnitsyn.

Earlier in Talmensky district of the Altai territory resting on the river Chumysh found in water, the urn containing the ashes of veteran Evgeni Doilnitsyna. The urn was broken, but the ashes are not flooded. It took the police.

Relatives of the veterans refused to take the urn, as he felt that I had fulfilled his last wish. Doilnitsyn wanted to be buried in their native lands, said his son. He left the urn with the ashes in the river Chumysh, where it was discovered later.

Evgeni Doilnitsyn was born in January, 1918, died on 10 November 2018. He was drafted into the Red Army, participated in the battles for the liberation of Kiev and the battle of Kursk.

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