Disclosed details of the biography attacked Poroshenko, neo-Nazi from Russia


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The Ukrainian edition “Strenia” I learned a few facts from the life of 34-year-old Nikita Makeyev, who yesterday, on July 25, jumped on the hood of the car of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Makeev is a native of St. Petersburg. There he owned a small construction firm “Elf”. According to the publication, while on holiday in Thailand in 2014, the man learned about the Euromaidan protests in Kiev and left Ukraine.

After Euromaidan Makeev went to fight in the Donbass. There he joined the volunteer regiment “Azov”, was a scout, he participated in the battles near Ilovaysk and Novoazovsk. Then got a concussion and went to help the company supply. Was nicknamed Odysseus.

In 2016, according to the British journalists ‘ groups Bellingcat, Makeev and several other volunteers of “Azov” trained in the private military company European Security Academy (ESA) in Poland. The organization claimed that Ulysses at that time was a colleague of Deputy head of the “Nazarus” Nazar Kravchenko — were seen at different rallies and events.

A few years Makeev tried to get from Poroshenko Ukrainian citizenship, but make it could not. Along with the other fought in the ranks of the National guard of the Russians, he picketed the Verkhovna Rada with the requirement to give them passports. Odyssey four filed documents at citizenship and each time received a refusal.

Earlier on 26 July Makeev has explained why he attacked Poroshenko. According to the man, he wanted to give the former President a bulletproof vest, which is worn by the Ukrainian military and which turned out to be easy to shoot. He also indicated that he wanted to take revenge on politics. “I wanted to pay him back for all those five years of humiliation, which he had committed against foreign volunteers, promising them citizenship, but instead running them through the nine circles of bureaucratic hell”, — said Makeev.

On 25 July, a few people tried to attack Poroshenko near the building of the State Bureau of investigation. The incident occurred when the politician left the GBR after an hour of interrogation on the case of possible money laundering. The attackers tried to attack him, but security managed to stop their actions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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