In Tatarstan of pretensioners will make web designers


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

For residents of Tatarstan retirement age on the basis of Kazan technical school of information technology and communication open courses web design, which can go free. This was reported on the website of the press service of the regional Ministry of Informatization and communications.

Specifies that the courses will be able to visit women at the age from 51 years to 55 years and men aged 56 to 60 years. 72 hours the specialists will teach pretensioners to create a website, and upon graduation will give them an instrument of training. It is clarified that those who successfully pass the exam, will issue a Skills passport of the international sample.

“Vocational training will allow people to continue working according to their skills and physical abilities to work with new equipment, technology, software, and obtain a qualification category in accordance with the profession without a change of education level”, — stated in the message.

Apply for courses before September 1, training will begin on 5 September.

Retraining older Russians will be carried out in the framework of the national project “Demography”. The objectives of the project are to reduce mortality rate, ensuring more education of citizens approaching retirement age, and to increase the availability of preschool education. It was designed in the years 2019-2024 and includes five national projects: “Financial support for families with children”, “Promotion of women’s employment”, “Senior citizens”, “Strengthening public health”, “Sport — way of life.” The total budget for the next six years will amount to 3.1 trillion rubles.

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