In the attacks on Navalny Solovyov found inconsistencies


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Opposition leader Alexei Navalny, published online photo Italian residence permit, which he found in the TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov and his family, violated Russian and European legislation. On Friday, July 26, said the lawyer and Public chamber member Ilya Craft portal Ruposters.

According to Craft, criticism can cause the fact of publication of personal data of the presenter and his minor children. “This is a clear violation of the law, and not only Russian. For this in Europe on fines and criminal responsibility”, — he said.

In addition, said Craft, concerns and placed the Bulk of the information that nightingales supposedly “earned in Russia and pay taxes in Italy.” He explained that the basis for obtaining a residence permit is not the availability of the property, and the presence of stable income from sources not related with hired work. Thus, Solovyov could not declare the income from wage work in Russia, as they do not meet the criteria of admissibility for this type of residence permit.

In this case, said Ruposters, obtaining a residence permit in Italy does not make one automatically a tax resident of that country. So, the citizen must pay taxes in Italy, only if he spends more than 183 days in a year. At the same time, as explained by the portal experts, the minimum term of stay in Italy for owners of Residenza elettiva is not set by law. The only requirement is that continuous absence should not exceed six months. “Formally, this is easy to do — just come to Italy 3-4 times a year, even for a short time,” writes Ruposters.

Thus, statements by Navalny that for obtaining a residence permit Solovyov had to be in Italy a minimum of six months of the year are untrue.

In addition, according to Ruposters, posting a photo of the document coincides with the arrival at the expense of the Bulk of the next bitcoin.

Earlier Solovyov and the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Bulk trade accusations and insults after the publication of the Italian residence permit, which the opposition found the broadcaster.

22 July, Navalny posted a photo of the document from which it follows that the residence permit in Italy also have five children Solovyov. The journalist later confirmed the existence of the document, noting that the status does not give him the right to a nationality and to work.

Soloviev was already a hero of the investigations of the Bulk. In September 2017, the FCO found a Villa host in Italy. In January 2019 published an article about the second Italian Villa on lake Como is worth over a million euros. The presenter said that’s not breaking the law, buying property in Italy. He also noted that it is not ashamed of what is a rich man.

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