In the bag on the hand of Queen Elizabeth II saw an insult


www.vsyako.netBoris Johnson and Elizabeth Foto: Victoria Jones / AP

The British Queen Elizabeth II was suspected of insult of the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson due to the fact that she did not withdraw from the elbow bag during the handshake. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The head of state wore to a meeting with Johnson, the blue-purple dress, black shoes, and some jewelry: a brooch, a gold bracelet and pearl necklace. However, the main attention of the users drew a black bag from the British brand Launer which the Queen did not leave during the meeting.

This caused the surprise to users of the network. “Ha ha, look how the Queen had insulted him, wearing the bag, as if she wants to leave,” wrote one user. The Queen’s conduct surprised and other commentators. “I love that the Queen always carry her bag. “Hurry up, Boris, I have a lot of urgent meetings””, “Queen going shopping? Why else to walk home with the bag?” — mentioned in the review.

Previously, the Royal historian Hugo Vickers told People magazine that the Queen uses her handbag to signal to her servants. So she puts it on the table when going to leave, and shifts it from hand to hand when he wants to end the conversation.

Earlier in July, the outfit as the girl new the UK premiere of Boris Johnson Kerry Simonds sold out within hours after her appearance at the ceremony destination.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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