Johnson likened to a bulldozer


www.vsyako.netBoris Johnsonphoto: Dylan Martinez / Reuters

Politics Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s focus on confrontation with the European Union and the opposition. This publication reports Der Spiegel.

In an article entitled Der blonde Bulldozer (it. “The blonde bulldozer”), the journalist Kevin Hagen asks about the plans of Johnson. According to the author, in the near future the order in British politics will not come. He notes that Johnson tries to behave decisively and even risks, threatening “hard” Brexit. However, at the moment he seeks to return the EU to the negotiating table and force him to make concessions.

It is also noted that the new Prime Minister got rid of all enemies in the government, whereas previously the country was attended by the opposition. In particular, Johnson fired 11 people, six have gone on their own. They were mostly Pro-European politicians and those who supported the election the British foreign Secretary Jeremy hunt.

Hunt resigned after the appointment of Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister of the country. According to him, Johnson offered him another position, but he decided that after nine years of work in the Cabinet, it’s time to become the usual Deputy.

Boris Johnson officially took office as the new Prime Minister on 24 July. Queen Elizabeth II commissioned him to form a Cabinet.

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